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Pineworx are able to offer customers a huge selection of different Storage Sheds including, barns, wood sheds, garages, garden sheds, potting sheds, workshops and also custom designed structures.

Looking for a Storage Shed?  You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re looking for a garden shed, tool shed, guest house, or a custom storage shed, Pineworx is happy to build it for you. Our Storage Sheds are handcrafted to suit your needs, available in a variety of cladding materials; these structures are built with quality by expert Craftsmen. 

Perfect for storage, office space, garden tools, potting sheds, and more. Pick the size that works best for you.  Design your shed to fit your backyard with size, colors and options and enjoy a custom made shed that is perfect for you! 

Storage Sheds (Barn)

Our Storage Sheds

Garden Shed (Riverside Series)

Garden Sheds

Pineworx the most trusted, time-tested and passionate Storage Shed manufacturer.  For more than two decades we’ve been helping peope build their dreams. Our Storage Sheds are handcrafted using only the finest material available on the market today. Our Storage Sheds are built to perfection and last a lifetime because of the attention to detail.  Our Storage Sheds can be delivered direct to your home. 

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Greenhouse (Colonial Series)_001


Greenhouses are something everyone who is interested in gardening would like to have. Being able to propagate plants in controlled conditions, to grow your own vegetables and flowers without having to contend with birds, animals and pests – is something that all greenthumbs would like. Greenhouses by Pineworx are an easy, neat and economical solution.

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What Our Customers Say

The support that we received from Pineworx prior and post purchase was amazing. Upon receiving our item we were more than impressed with the quality of their product. We have since utilised their support again to add some furniture to our back.

The Benifits of a Pineworx Storage Shed

1. Australian Made

All of our Storage Sheds are made in Australia.  This not only supports Australian Workers and the Australian Economy, it also provides our customers with the unique opportunity to be involved in the manufacturing process from start to finish.

2. Our 10 Year Limited Warranty

Our Storage Sheds aren’t cheap.  However, they do respresent great value for money.  When you consider how long the cheaper, imported coops last compared to our premium Storage Sheds, the overall cost of our products turns out to be less expensive in the long run.

3. Beautiful Designs

Our Storage Sheds are designed to compliment your garden and add a “wow” factor to you backyard.  They will not only provide you with a safe and secure storage solution but they will also provide you with a beautiful garden feature for years to come.

4. Professional Support

As we manufacture all of our own products, we know the ins and outs of our Storage Sheds like the back of our hand.  We are not simply selling you someones elses product and regurgitating a pre-fabricated sales pitch to you.  We know what we are talking about and will support you before and long after purchasing one of our Storage Sheds.

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Customise Your Storage Shed

All of our Storage Sheds are available with many paint color and stain color options. YOu can also choose from a metal roof, offered in three colour choices, or asphalt shingles that are offered in seven colour choices. There are three wood finish options available to choose from. For those who want a low maintenance, long lasting finish we recommend painted Shadowclad with a finish that can last up to 15 years before needing to be painted again! Contact us to discuss finishes and options if you have questions. We love to help!

Storage Sheds Custom Design