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HORSE BARNS by Pineworx

Pineworx are able to offer customers a large selection of different Horse Barns including, run-in sheds, shed row barns, combo barns, and right up to the large monitor and alpine barns. We also have the ability to custom design barns if required.

Are you a horse enthusiast looking into horse barns to keep your horses close to home for more quality time together? Do you train or breed horses and need durable, reliable run-in sheds or a top-quality horse barn? Or maybe you’d like to upgrade your horse stables with larger modular horse barns?  Do you have other animals that require shelter from the harsh outdoors?

Whether you’re looking for a horse barn, large or small, Pineworx has a solution for your needs! From run in sheds, shedrow barns and even large modular horse barns designed for farms or training facilities, we can build it all. Pineworx has a variety of horse barns for sale, all handcrafted by expert craftsman.

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Our Horse Barns

Run in Shed (Single - Board and Batten - 1.8m x 2.4m)

Run in Sheds

As a horse owner, you understand the need for horse shelters that can house your horses and provide additional storage for all the items you use to take good care of your mares and stallions. Whether you have many horses to shelter or just a few, you have come to the right place. Our Run in Sheds come in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect run in shed depending on your specific needs.

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Shed Row Barn (Board and Batten - 3.0m x 6.0m)

Shed Row Barns

Our Shed Row Barns are constructed with the finest materials and are built to last!  When purchasing one of our Shed Row Barns, you will not only invest in a quality constructed building, but also in a very safe and a horse friendly structure.  During initial design of our horse barns, our priority was to design a building that would include animal safety, longevity and all building code requirements.  All of our horse sheds are built in Australia by expert craftsman.

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Run in Shed / Shed Row Barn Combos

Combine our standard run in shed with a shed row barn for maximum storage and convenience! Our run in shed – shed row combinations combine the shelter of a run in shed with the storage capacity of a shed and the space of a row barn! Add stalls, tack room or extra partitions.

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Lean-To Barns

A Lean-to Barn is built by adding large front overhang to any of our Run-In Sheds or Shedrow Barns.   Bigger overhang will help you to keep your stalls drier and cleaner, will act as a run in area for your horses and will also give you a better protection from the rain, snow or the summer’s heat.  In addition, part, or all of the barn’s overhang may be enclosed to provide even more usable area or shelter.

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Monitor Barn (Board and Batten - 9.6m x 10.8m)

Modular Barns

Modular barns by Pineworx are an easy way to add a beautiful, customised barn to your property without the hassle, time and cost of new construction. We have the expertise to help you customise a design based on your own unique needs, deliver, and then assemble a completed structure on your property quickly and efficiently. It really is that easy.

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What Our Customers Say

Thank you for all your help. My new barn is wonderful. I can't say enough about how well it is built, the installation crew was great, work was incredibile, site was left immaculate. I highly recommend your company to anyone.

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Benefits of our Horse Barns

1. Australian Made

All of our Horse Barns are made in Australia.  This not only supports Australian Workers and the Australian Economy, it also provides our customers with the unique opportunity to be involved in the manufacturing process from start to finish.

2. Our 10 Year Limited Warranty

Our Horse Barns aren’t cheap, however they do respresent great value for money. When you consider how long our superior Horse Barns last, the overall cost turns out to be quite affordable in the long run.

3. Beautiful Designs

We understand you love your Horses.  So why not provide them with the best possible Horse Barns.  Our Horse Barns and Stables are designed to compliment your farm.  They will not only keep you horses safe but they will provide you with a beautiful feature for years to come.

4. Professional Support

As we manufacture all of our own products, we know the ins and outs of our barns like the back of our hand.  We are not simply selling you someones elses barns and regurgitating a pre-fabricated sales pitch to you.  We know what we are talking about and will support you before and long after purchasing one of our Horse Barns.

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Customise Your Barn

All of our Barns and Sheds are available with many paint and stain color options. You can also choose from a metal roof, or asphalt shingles that are offered in a variety of colour choices. There are many wood finish options available to choose from. For those who want a low maintenance, long lasting finish we recommend painted Shadowclad with a finish that can last up to 15 years before needing to be painted again!

Contact us to discuss finishes and options if you have questions. We love to help!

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Storage Sheds Custom Design